The Canopic Jars

CCTV Footage
The First Crime

The image is grainy and poor quality, like someone had poured all the money for security cameras into something else, but it is still clear enough to see each individual item in the museum. Currently their is a cheap-looking display about the Egyptians and mummification- a table towards the bottom in covered in half attempted colouring book pages and chewed crayons, another wall shows pictures of tomb walls from Egypt and propped up in the corner is a fake looking death mask. The only thing that looks to be worth any money is the item on the plinth in the centre in a glass box- a jar, covered in gold leaf, topped with the head of a jackal.

The image shakes slightly on screen, as though the supporting wall has been hit and rubble falls into view at the bottom of the screen. Someone clad in full plate armour steps over the rubble and walks purposefully towards the plinth in the centre. Lights flash as the armoured individual smashes the glass and takes the jar before striding back out the bottom of the screen.

The next few hours are fast-forwarded through. Police arrive to investigate and scratch their heads a lot at the bottom of the screen. The curator turns up, wails at the mess and missing artifact and has to be carried away by the police. A few journalists turn up and take photos of the area behind the camera and the plinth before they are chased out.

Eventually the image cuts out.


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